red & blue beetle art 2007 saikuz nation vanderhoof bc

atoll of hope atoll of hope - mixed media

‘red and blue' refers to the red of the trees and the blue of the stained wood. "we believe that artists, writers and composers often have a special insight and way of looking at things" states annerose georgeson, exhibition coordinator. "mountain pine beetles are making a significant impact on the forests of the central interior of the province resulting in a unique and important current event. cnn nechako looks forward to presenting the images, words, music and emotion of the pine beetle epidemic from the artists in the region." the show opened at saik'uz elementary school, saik'uz in june 2007 with over two hundred guests at the reception and now with the support of omineca beetle coalition, alcan, dalchako, and the college of new caledonia
nechako, the red & blue beetle art show will be touring the region.



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